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Making the Most of Your Website

Are you making the most of your site? Are you doing all that you can do with it? First it’s prudent to remember why you have a site in the first place and to recall what its role is supposed to play in your business. Once you compile those recollections, then you can answer our questions. If you’re like most, you originally wanted a website to allow yet another avenue of contact — one that runs 24/7 — and to make yourself known on the World Wide Web. To provide yet another public-facing side of your company. A passive offering more than likely. It’s quite likely you’re still after these very things.

Writing Effective Web Page and Post Titles

The Tao of Title: When you open up a web page with your browser, the first thing you’ll see letting you know you have safely arrived is the title element for that page. This can be seen as the page title located on the top of your browser chrome, on the so-called title bar. This is a true fact regardless of whether you’re a sighted user or not, the title bar is always first. It’s also true if you’re not even human. Say, for instance, you’re a web search indexing spider or robot. Yep, you get the title element first as well. Using Google as an example, the result you will see during a search will be the title element of a specific page followed by the description or a portion of the text containing your search string.

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