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GBHXonline Hosting Plans and Prices

This is a continuation of our Hosting Plans and Pricing page.

Additional Services

These are some of our other services that you may want or need.

Extra Support Time

Emergency support is always free. And each hosting plan comes with some base support (at least), but extra support, if wanted or needed is available. See our support types for more information.

Order Extra Support

Website Advertising

Advertising is available on this website and can be seen on our sidebar, under “Our Sponsors.” These are text link ads (with a 22 character limit) and while located on every full page, they appear in random order. Ad placement is subject to approval so you may want to contact us first if you think it might be in question. We are most interested in ads for web-related services and resources that would benefit blog and website owners: Web design, images/photo, related resources, etc. (Qty refers to number of links added.)

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Other Charges

There are other possible charges that you should be aware of. These are charges for extenuating circumstances that will hopefully never apply to you or your account, but do bear noting:

Bad instruments
If you pay by check or similar instrument and it is returned for insufficient funds — or whatever reason — you will be assessed a charge of $20.00 or the amount of any and all collection costs, whichever amount is greater.
Suspension of accounts
Experience has taught us busy people have a hard time finding the time to write, call, or email order their domain and/or hosting contract renewals. This has been an on-going issue. If your account is in limbo-status or in arrears we will suspend your account, replacing your domain with a suspension notice. If we have to do this, there will be a $20.00 added to your balance to restore the account. We don’t want to have to do this, and we do call or write at least three times and begin notifying you about a month in advance that your renewal is near, all we need is word back and your payment. To avoid all this, all you have to do is respond and make good on any balance (for overages, etc.), domain registration fees, and/or hosting re-order.

If you are assessed with other charges as described above, for your convenience they may be settled using the form below.

Order Other Charges

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