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Need a Little Help? Intro: On this page you will find information about this website’s accessibility. Here you also find our privacy policy, our copyright statement, and disclaimer. In addition to the content on this page, you will also find a reasonable amount of in-context help on this site so there’s more than meets the eye. As is always the case, please be sure to contact us if more help is needed.

Accessibility Statement

All pages on this site have been designed to be as accessible as possible, supporting not only a broad range of graphical browser users, but screen reader, text-browser, and keyboard users as well, affording these users not only smartly used, semantic markup, but also the ability to use the site without image support, without styles, and without JavaScript. We also afford users the leeway to do simple things like enlarge the text with their browser (ctrl++, ctrl+- on Windows or cmd++, cmd+- on Mac, also try mouse scroll wheel instead of +/-. ctrl/cmd+0 resets size). As an added feature on this site, we give options. On the sidebar (bottom), you can opt to remove backgrounds (great for dial-up users), and you can also change the page layout, to linearize the page, which will be great many devices. All pages are print-ready and the site supports handhelds (though you may have to select the “Linear” page style manually). If you encounter an accessibility or usability issue on this site, do report it. Note: This statement may not apply to our Support Tickets Helpdesk.


Privacy Policy

Your privacy and ours have had equal importance. In light of this fact, we will respect your privacy as if it were our own. We unwaveringly subscribe to this practice because it’s fair and good and right.

Data handling

We do give you a couple of cookies (to remember you and that’s it), and we collect some information when you visit — your internet protocol or “IP” address and browser info, for instance, and your other contact information as well if you decide to contact us or order hosting — but all of it, every character of text, every number, every byte of data, it all stays with us. We do not, and will not, and morally cannot, sell, lease, rent, gift, or in any way share your personal information. Period.

Online ordering

Please note that when ordering online, your transaction is through PayPal so we do not collect your credit card number — PayPal will collect your information and this will be transacted on their secure servers. We feel your data will be in good hands. (See the PayPal Privacy Policy for details.)

Offline ordering

If you place your order by phone, fax, or mail, we may also handle your credit card through our company’s normal merchant services processor; the same rules apply as it pertains to protecting your data and your privacy.

Zero spam

We will never use your email address unless we need to contact you about your order, if applicable. We will never ask for any sensitive information such as a credit card number by email. We will only ask for this information by phone or fax, and only if you’re paying for an order by that means. We will never send you offers or solicitations in any form by any means. Ever.


All content and photos, unless otherwise marked, are the intellectual property of This may mean that actual rights are maintained by Mike Cherim, Scott Hege, and/or (© copyright 2004 thru 2016). You may enjoy the site for your own use, and you may print the pages for personal or learning/teaching purposes. (The pages are modified so as to print well on your computer.) You may also quote partial content excerpts used in referencing materials (of all media types), in blog and news articles, forum posts, and critical reviews. Usages must show the material source web address, or by visible text link if on the web. Do not hot-link (link directly) to our resources such as other media like images.



We try our best to post accurate information on this site, but it should be noted that the content and claims posted are in fact subject to change without prior notice and may contain errors or omissions that we will not and cannot accept responsibility for. We continuously strive to be our very best to never actually exercise this disclaimer. It should also be noted that every effort will be made, as your web host, to secure your data, retain weekly back-ups, and protect your server space from intrusion, fire, and water (facility is manned continuously by tech persons). That said, you should always protect yourself with your own backups maintained locally.


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